Hi, I’m “PLR Gary”, or according to my Birth Certificate, Gary Harvey.

And I’m pleased to meet you.

I hear you’d like to know a little about me

PLR Gary photoThe first thing to know is…
I’m passionate about natural health. And that will be the focus of most of the PLR packages I release.

Why so passionate?

These days we’re all surrounded by endless assaults on our health. Including…

 all the sugar, salt and fat the fast food industry uses… which contributes significantly to the obesity epidemic throughout much of the world

 the tons of toxic agrochemicals (pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers) and hormones used on today’s farms. What’s that doing to the land? – and the food it produces? – and our bodies as we eat it?

 the insidious influence of Big Pharma as it continually pushes us towards manufactured medicines… away from the time-tested natural health remedies of the plant kingdom.

While that bad news continues all around us, the GOOD NEWS is… we have some of the most powerful medicines on the planet hidden in plain sight as foods, herbs and spices.

Because they are foods, they are part of Natural Health.

Because they are foods, however, Big Business cannot patent them. And therefore cannot profit from them. So you’ll never hear about them from Big Pharma.

Because of how food works with our marvelous human bodies, it’s been used since time immemorial to prevent and treat disease and sickness.

People need to know about the healing power of nutrition.
YOUR READERS need to know
and they WANT to know!

And I’m here to help you get the word out about health and healing
through nutrition and other natural health protocols.

Healing broken-down health through simple, inexpensive, common-sense (steady on, Gary, that’s too many adjectives… but it shows my passion so I’m leaving it as is!) nutritional therapy is a great alternative to the costly and sometimes dangerous products available from the drug companies.

So, over time, you’ll find PLR content here that deals with TOPICS and KEYWORDS such as… minerals, vitamins and nutritional supplements… fresh fruit and veggies… organic… magnesium, potassium and calcium… Big Pharma… anti-aging… carcinogens and toxins… water… cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease… opiates… sugar… natural remedies… dieting… food additives… atrial fibrillation… green living… fast food… paleo… low carb high fiber… brain health… smoking… exercise and fresh air… plant medicine… elimination… factory-made food… coconut… pharmaceutical drugs… AND MORE.

Talking of pharmaceuticals, many of the drugs that Big Pharma sells had their origins in plant medicine. Extracts from the plant kingdom have been healing and helping mankind for centuries. Long before the pharmaceutical industry became so powerful.

Aspirin safe or dangerousMost plant remedies come with few or no side effects. Unlike the frightening adverse effects of many patented drugs! Such as aspirin and Meloxicam, to name just two. Those links, by the way, are to my site NaturalHealthJoy.com which I started before getting into PLR. It’s part of my story and it’s where I wrote this:

Because we choose natural remedies and a commonsense approach to nutrition and life, we are not exposing ourselves to the toxic impact of all the chemicals they’re using in the food supply chain. Including chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides at the farm, along with growth hormones. Then in the factory the list of chemical additives is a long one. It includes flavor enhancers, preservatives, phthalates in plastic packaging, anti-mould, anti-bacterial, disinfectants, emulsifiers and stabilizers. But they also use anti-microbial agents, antioxidants, artificial colors and flavors, bleaching agents, humectants, thickening agents, and anti-caking agents. And more. Diabetes a lifestyle disease(Do a Google search for chemicals used in food processing, but be warned — it’s a worrying topic.)

And because we choose a natural approach to eating and living, we are not forcing our bodies to deal with the high-salt high-sugar and high-fat concoctions that the take-away industry is selling by the truck load.”


If that’s the sort of messaging you want your readers to hear,
then we’re good mates already!

But wait, there’s more!

I always wanted to say that. Actually, you can stop reading now if you want to. Because you’ve already got the most important info.


More of my story

Before becoming a PLR producer, I was a freelance writer. Here’s what some of my clients had to say…

“One of the best freelancers I have ever dealt with.” – Tristan, Spectors.com.au

“Many content writers are very dry. Gary’s work is more interesting to read, which is a plus… I appreciate the good organization. Piece is easy to skim and understand at a glance, which is ideal for a landing page.” – Greg, PrescottPapers.com

“Gary was extremely effective in maintaining the deadlines and the task given to him was completed with perfection.” – Sandeep, WPeka.com

“Gary did an excellent job and I would thoroughly recommend him to you.” – Mark, LucyWalkerRecruitment.com

If you’re interested, you can see more at my freelance writing site, ShineCopy.com

I know, this isn't a job resume but...

I know, this isn’t a job resume but somebody will want to know (a little) about my education and training, so here goes…

AWAI: Industry-leading training for copywriters is provided by the American Writers & Artists Inc. As an AWAI Infinity member, I’ve benefited from their Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and their Secrets of Writing for the Health Market, and dozens more tutorials and trainings.AWAI logo

Bachelor of Internet Science & Technology: Provided the basis for technical writing and “all things internet”.

Bachelor of Arts: During which I gained a breadth of outlook and experience, and two majors, Theology and Communications.

Diploma of Freelance Journalism: An early expression of my interest in writing.

SmartBlogger.com: Where powerhouse blogger Jon Morrow teaches the blog-writing techniques he uses to reach millions. Plus training programs run by other fulltime freelance writers I admire (Elna Cain, Peter Bowerman, Carol Tice, Laura Pennington).

Professional Writers Alliance: The association for direct-response copywriters. I’m a member.

PWA logo

Research is a key ingredient in every copywriting project, which is why...

Research is a key ingredient in every copywriting project, which is why my research process is comprehensive.

And why is that? Because careful, thorough research will equip me to understand the topic, even though I have no formal health training. Sure, it takes me longer to produce high quality content, but time spent on research is never wasted. Your readers will respond when excellent copywriting connects with their actual needs.

Oh, you came here for a little personal background?

You came here to learn a little about me, so let’s do it…

For 23 years, I was a church minister. At the start, my wife and I pastored congregations in New Zealand and then we moved back to our home country, Australia. We raised our family during those church years… ran youth camps… conducted marriage enrichment sessions… organized away weekends for seniors… researched complex material to present it in simple language… and traveled extensively, driving more miles than I now care to remember.

This rich period of our lives gave us countless experiences, good and bad. Well, mostly good. We got to mix with a diverse cross-section of the community: self-employed professionals, business owners, civic leaders and lots of regular employees and Dads and Mums and retirees. (That breadth of understanding helps me to connect with different audiences in my writing work now.)

I loved the church life but eventually there came time for a change.

attorneyThese days, I am busy creating health PLR content for release here. My wife and I do a bit of house sitting, looking after people’s homes and pets while they are away. That’s been fun (well, most of the time) and always a learning experience.

As a kid? I grew up in a simpler time, long before the internet. As well as a Dad and Mum, I had a younger brother, a bicycle and a floppy-eared Cocker Spaniel.

My Dad was a decent, hard working man who was always there to help friends and neighbors. The youngest of six children, he started his working life as an apprentice tailor. My Mum was a farmer’s daughter and they met in the Air Force.

Music figured prominently in our house. Early in their marriage, Mum did a stint as a dental nurse to save up to buy a piano. She played for church and we also had many a singalong when friends came over. And yes, I took piano lessons (thank you, Mrs Reid).

Dad had built a great big red brick barbecue in the backyard and let me tell you, it got a solid workout over the years because my childhood was blessed with many happy “family and friends” get-togethers. The kids scampered around the backyard and generally had a lot of harmless fun. Those evenings often finished up with most of the grown-ups gathered around the piano for a good old singalong.

A great childhood indeed.

In my late teens, as a part-time student at the University of Western Australia, I had a crack at economics. Passed some units, failed others. Soon after that, I headed off to England where I completed a BA degree with majors in theology and communications (and met the young woman who would become my wife). Then the church career started. And ended.

After that, writing and the Internet beckoned me, so I picked up a Diploma of Freelance Journalism and then a BIST degree from the University of Wollongong. That’s short for Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology.

During the 3 years as a mature-age university student, my passion for sharing what I was learning led me to publish a Q&A study guide for C++ (it’s an early programming language). It sold well to fellow students. I also taught myself HTML, the coding language that controls how web content is displayed.

Since graduating, I’ve worked for myself, tapping away at a keyboard.

As a matter of fact, that’s what I’m doing right now…

The usual note about legal matters

Although I make every effort to provide content that complies with the law, I’m not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice or counsel. It is your responsibility to decide whether to submit the content I write for review by your legal advisers.

As I mentioned in the FAQ, I’m not a doctor. Nor do I have any professional health qualifications. So my material comes without warranty as far as its accuracy or completeness. It’s a pity really, but these days it seems necessary to spell out things like that. My PLR also comes with a NO LIABILITY provision. I’m not liable for what you or your readers do or dont do as a result of the information I share. I trust that works for you.

You're wondering if my writing is any good?

If I was in your shoes, I certainly would be.

So… a few words about my style.

Typically I write in a conversational style.

It’s better for READER ENGAGEMENT.

Readers don’t want stuffy high-brow text, and savvy website owners don’t want the sloppy opposite either. In most circumstances, a friendly “educated conversational” tone works well, using a vocabulary that the average reader is comfortable with.

(See how I ended that last sentence with the word “with”? Stuffy grammarians would give me a smack for that. But the typical reader will feel very comfortable. Agree?)

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That should do, right?