FAQ about PLR

• What do you mean, Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights content is niche-specific content that you can use in your marketing efforts without having to actually write or create the content yourself. When you purchase PLR material, it’s yours to use, publish and distribute as you wish. You can even add your personal or business name, your logo, or any other branding you like.

It’s quite okay to make changes to the content so it looks like you created it from scratch.

In fact, that’s the whole purpose of PLR. Your PLR producer has done the work of researching and writing and all the other jobs in order to create an attractive product that’s ready for buyers (such as yourself) to tweak as much or as little as they wish.

• What are my rights when I purchase your PLR?

The sales page will generally tell you what you can and cannot do with that PLR content. The rights section will be either in the main body of the page or in the FAQ, or both.

In my case, I have only 2 restrictions:
1) Don’t use my name on it. Add yours if you wish.
2) Don’t pass the republishing rights to anyone. These are Non-Transferable PLR rights.

In practice, that means you can edit it, rewrite it, break it up into parts, use some of those parts for your ebooks or sites, change the name, add or remove sections, add or remove images, add your name or your branding to it. However you can NOT sell or give anyone the Private Label Rights (PLR), Resell Rights, or the Master Resell Rights. In other words, you can NOT give other people the ability to publish or sell this content. This does not include worksheets or forms that your customers use for their own personal activities.

• Is there an OTO?

Often there is. Some vendors indicate whether there is an OTO in the FAQ section of their sales page. And some dont. There is never an obligation to buy the OTO (One Time Offer).

If there is an OTO here, I’ll always tell you.

• What’s your refund policy?

Power drillI’m following the industry standard here, and I’m doing that for two reasons.
1) Buying PLR is not the same as buying a power drill or a vacuum cleaner. If it doesn’t work, you can take it back to the store. But you cant return digital content which is why PLR producers generally adopt a no-refund policy. That’s my policy too. No refunds, unless expressly offered on the sales page. But you needn’t worry because…
2) I only release high quality written content. You can review the quality of my writing by reading the site and/or by grabbing one of the free downloads here. The subscribe link in the footer takes you to one such give-away page here.

A few PLR producers do offer refunds, either as a market test or to build their buyers list. It’s worth noting that some high quality producers never offer refunds, so you cant use the absence of a money back guarantee as an indicator of an inferior quality vendor. Not at all.

• Are you a doctor?

No, I’m what you might call a citizen journalist. Or a freelance researcher/writer.

So, no, I am not a doctor, nor do I have any professional health qualifications. What I do have is a PASSION for natural health. Healing through nutrition and other evidence-based non-pharmaceutical methods is an exciting and thoroughly defensible concept to me.

Have you ever struggled to make sense of material written by a doctor or another professional? Did all the medical jargon and obtuse terminology make it awfully difficult (sometimes impossible) to understand at times? Me too. Drives you mad, right? The fact that I have no medical training means I won’t erect barriers like that for our readers.

I write to be understood. I write to make things clear. I don’t write to impress people with all the big words I know.

And here’s another thing. When I come new to a topic, my first goal is to understand it… to make sense of all the info I find. Only then am I ready to write about it in a meaningful way. If that sounds like the kind of writer you think would serve your readers, then we’re a good fit.

Since you were wondering if I’m a doctor, this might be a good time to draw your attention to my NO LIABILITY statements here.

• Is your stuff original? Will it pass Copyscape?

My guarantee to you is this: that my material is… Researched. Original. Unique.

Yes, I run my writing through Copyscape.com to be sure I havent accidentally plagiarized from other writers or other sites. What typically comes up is that the same source which I’m quoting from has been quoted by others.

For example, when I refer to Hippocrates as “the father of modern medicine”, Copyscape goes wild. Because lots of others have included that quote! The same thing happens when I include a direct quote from a government health site and statements made by other medical authorities. Quoted statements, by the way, appear inside “quotation marks” so it’s clear I’m quoting.

With quotes, the correct thing to do is to credit the source. Include the references, either in-text or in a footnote. Often those references are hyperlinked so you can visit the source site if you want to.

• There’s so much poor quality writing on the internet these days. Are you any different?

Man, oh man! You’ve really connected with one of my pet peeves. Lousy writing combined with lousy proofreading and editing.

Sure, I know that the web is a worldwide connector, with people from many different languages seeking to connect via English. And I’m not talking them down for one second. As I’ve said many times, their English is way better than my Mandarin/Italian/Tagalog/etc.

But if a writer cares so little for his craft that he wont even run a spell checker over his writing, that’s just not good enough in my book. But when it comes to producing readable informative text, there’s a lot more to it than just spelling. So let me answer your question in some detail.

— Spelling: Microsoft Word and Scrivener, two writing that tools I use, both have built-in spell checkers. I use them both! But I should tell you I’m not a stickler for the apostrophe. Words like cant, havent and wont look just as nice to me as their older cousins who sport an apostrophe.
— Grammar: Fortunately I’ve been blessed with an ear that picks up mangled English. So when I see something like this (“If you put in more efforts into it”), I immediately react – and rewrite it.
— Missing words: I’ll admit it. These are harder to pick up because the human mind is clever. It fills in what the writer meant to say. Sometimes we writers can pick up our own missing words when we read over our output multiple times (as we do). And sometimes we dont, but our beta readers often catch those errors. (As you can see, I’m not adverse to breaking some of the traditional rules of written English, like the one about never starting sentences with the word and. But I digress.)
— Substance: When you look at a paragraph or even a sentence, does it actually say anything? Has it got substance? If not, toss it or fix it. That’s my rule.
— Ambiguity: Can what I’ve written be misunderstood because it has two or more possible interpretations? Having a detailed mind, I’ve seen it often enough where the meaning was probably clear to the person who wrote it but isn’t at all clear to me. I strive to avoid miscommunication through ambiguity.
— Flow: It’s one of the most important features of an article or a book or a sales letter. Does it move smoothly from one idea to the next? Or does the reader get rudely bumped out of the “flow state” they were in because something in the text made them go “Huh?” Achieving flow was especially important when I was writing fiction. A well-written story will carry the reader along, so she couldnt stand to put it down.

“My word, he got carried away that time, didn’t he?”

• What happens after I pay?

Sales are handled by JVZoo.com (yep, funny name but great operators). So after you pay, they direct you to their product delivery area. You dont have to be registered with JVZoo.

• How big is the download package?

I hear you. Over the years, I’ve bought huge packages which take a long time to download. You’ve had the same thing? If your connection is unreliable, you might have lost the connection part way through the download and you had to start all over again. I’m very conscious of not putting you through that, so with bigger collections I’ll give you the option of downloading it in several smaller packages. Not everyone is on high speed broadband, right?