Recommended Health PLR Producers
(listed in A-Z order)

Abundance Print

The team at, Yu Shaun & Cally Lee, produce quality PLR content on a range of topics, including…
Eating Healthy.


Rick Warid, of, is a highly regarded producer of quality PLR content, including…
Ending Emotional Eating PLR Megapack,
Weight Loss Kickstart PLR Package,
Weight Loss 101 PLR Mega Pack.

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Sue Fleckenstein’s offers a huge range of health topics including…
Adrenal Fatigue,
Coconut Oil,
Diabetes Footcare,
Green Tea,
Plant Based Diets,
Senior Fitness,
and more.

Content Shortcuts

Ruth Pound’s is where you can get her Health & Wellness PLR, and her Fitness, Diet & Weight Loss PLR, including…
Boost Your Immune System,
Clean Eating for Life,
Eat More Fruit & Veg,
Plant Based Muscle Building,
Plant Based Paleo Diet,
and more.

Flaming Hot PLR

Arun Chandran’s has a wide range of health and other topics including…
Acid Reflux & Heartburn,
Mediterranean Diet,
Leaky Gut,
Varicose Veins,
and more.

Good Web Content

A newcomer to the PLR game in late 2017 is Joanne Reid who is producing a range of topics. Including in the field of  health…
Sitting is the New Smoking (Solution).

Health And Wellness PLR

Jennifer Anderson’s has many health PLR products including…
Natural Health PLR Special,
Boost Your Metabolism,
Essential Oils For Allergies,
Healthy Meal Planning,
Natural Menopause Remedies
and more.

Here is her monthly club: Natural Healing PLR Club Membership.

Internet Slayers

JR Lang of is one of the legends in the business. Her PLR packages include…
Anti Aging Diet & Preventing Lifestyle Diseases,
Brain Health,
Chronic Stress Management,
Diabetes: Alternative Medicine & Diet,
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain,
Holistic Wellness,
Ketogenic Diet & Low Carb Lifestyle,
Organic Diet & Lifestyle,
Safe & Smart Weight Loss & Detox,
Whole Food & Juicing Lifestyle,
Women’s Health & Self-care,
Women’s Natural Wellness.

Kitchen Bloggers

Trish Lindemood’s has lots of content for food bloggers, including…  
Healthy Living
Juicing for Better Health,
Plant-Based Diet,
Vegetarian Menu Plans,
along with Ketogenic recipes, Slow cooker recipes, Whole 30 recipes, Farmers’ Market sugar-free gluten-free recipes, and more. Lots of recipes and glorious food photos!

Master PLR

Susie O’Dea’s has many health PLR packages including…
All About Aging,
Alternative Health
Asthma and Breathing Problems,
and more. And that’s just for the letter A. It’s a big and attractive collection. But wait, there’s more! Including…
Alternative Health & Healing – Natural Remedies & Therapies,
Healthy Eating – Diets and Nutrition.

And here’s Susie’s FREE PLR Pack.

Niche Starter Pack

April Lemarr’s offers many topics including…
Allergy Remedies,
Feeding Picky Eaters,
Natural Remedies,
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS),
Super Foods,
along with Detox, Flu, Food Safety, Massage, Muscle, Probiotics, Skincare, Vegan, and more.

Piggy Makes Bank

Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers’s deals with many topics including…
Bone Broth,
Healthy Fats to Fill You Up,
Intermittent Fasting,
Lean Protein for Weight Loss,
Sugar Detox,
along with Anxiety & Depression, Apples, Clean Eating, Coffee, Selfcare, Slow Cooking, Weight Loss, and more.

Here’s their FREE pack: Back to School Lunch.

PLR Content Articles

Peggy Hazelwood, a new PLR producer as of late 2017, already has…
Eating Healthy on a Budget,
Lyme Disease.

PLR Pump

Kate Reiger (“kater”) puts out some great PLR content, including…
Blood Type Diet,
Crack The Sugar Habit,
Essentialist Essential Oils,
Leaky Gut Digestive Health,
Opioids PLR – What You Need to Know,
Shingles and You,
The Big Four Plant Based Diets.

Unstoppable PLR

Aurelius Tjin and his team produce content over a very wide field (120 PLR releases so far), including these health releases…
Clean Eating,
Healthy Business – Healthy Life.

White Label Perks produces Health & Wellness PLR including…
Am I Depressed,
Discovering Keto,
Reducing The Impact Of Stress,
as well as a lot of non-health material.